THE Vistatec's mind
We catch the data which matter gives from every angle, and it to express is Nippon VISTATEC Co., Ltd.
The endless air space which surrounds us. We do it including a creature between the sky, and a various thing coexists. Will they be being aware with discharging invisible Information Systems? We investigate those information by every method, and we analyze it and process analysis with the expression method that there was in needs. In addition, in an advanced information-oriented society, we are exposed to a flood of information. I do traffic control of the information, and it is our role that offer to you as the information that it is easy to understand. We know a value system of new mono and know new data.
It is we Nippon VISTATEC Co., Ltd.

Company abstract

Company name
:Nippon VISTATEC Co., Ltd.

24-1 Miyanosita-cho Hirakata-city Osaka Japan

The establishment
:Masayuki Hatayama
:A first class registered architect office
Major business outline
:Civil engineering structure/ Building structures

Search & Diagnosis (Non-destruction、Destruction)